Your relationship with the community through this time of preparation will include:

Initial Interview with the minister to determine whether Christian marriage is your true desire. Book early at the church office. No wedding date will be set until after this interview.

Marriage Preparation: two days (Saturday 9:00 - 4:00, Sunday 10:30 - 3:00) covering basic topics; usually done in a group setting helping you reflect on what is already good in your relationship and identify areas where you will grow. The minister will also outline possibilities for personalizing the marriage service.

Planning Appointment with the Coordinator.
Rehearsal (see following notes)

The Ceremony

Follow up
Following the marriage we will continue to hold you in our prayers and offer you support as appropriate and possible.

We encourage you to participate in worship so that you come to a greater awareness of the ways God is present in your lives and to develop a better understanding of the marriage service itself. You are to secure license from City Hall and leave it in the church office at least 1 week before the wedding day with cheque for fees/donation. Publication of Banns can be requested instead of a marriage license for those couples who worship regularly at St. Paul's. Check this possibility with the minister.

A rehearsal is usually set the day or two before the ceremony at a time when most participants in the wedding party can be present. Depending on the size of the wedding party the rehearsal takes about 45 minutes.

Our Music Director (Fredric DeVries) has the right to play all weddings in the church and is the one who gives permission for all other musical participation.

There is a fee for the services of the organist. This fee includes: 
One consultation about the music desired.
One rehearsal (if required) with any soloist or singers.
Playing the service prelude, processional, hymns (if any), music at the signing of the register, accompaniment to any musical pieces, recessional.

In cases where our organist is not required, a bench-fee may still be assessed. Music chosen for the service must be suitable for Christian worship. The music (and lyrics for songs that will be sung) are to give glory and praise to God. Some love songs are fitting; others are best used at the reception. Soloists/singers arrange practice times with the Music Director or if not using his services, arrange suitable times with the coordinator.

Decorations and Flowers
Candles and flowers are the responsibility of the wedding couple .Flower delivery can be done one hour before the ceremony or by special arrangement with the coordinator. It may be possible for decorations to be placed at the rehearsal time.The church has pew bows available for your use. Any seasonal decorations will remain in place;e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving. Check with the coordinator.

Video cameras may be set up in the balcony. Guests may take pictures during the processional and recessional only. A designated photographer may take pictures during the ceremony but must be discreet. Many find the balcony a good place to be. Please note: NO Flash photography is preferred. Photographers should not be between the bridal party and the congregation. It is possible to have some pictures taken in the church after the service.
All photographers must consult with the Coordinator before the service begins.

Cost - Fees and Suggested Donations
Check with the Church Office for Current Fees
A single cheque for the relevant fess should be in the church office (along with the licence) at least one week before the wedding. (Cheques payable to St. Paul's United Church). A donation portion will be receipted for income tax purposes.

Available on the west side of the church (Park Street); the gravel lot may also be used. A Public Parking lot is just a bit further west on Park St. Please be aware of special event days in Dundas. Wheelchair Access: We have elevator access to all levels of the church. Entrance for the elevator is at the rear of the building. Please advise the coordinator of participants/guests who may require assistance.

The nursery room is available for guests who need to retreat with their infants or young children. Please ask the Coordinator.

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