To the Ends of the Earth

by award-winning science author Alanna Mitchell
drawn to the Arctic and Antarctica within a span of six months,
encountering the alarming signs of climate Change.


What They Believe

One church, Four kinds of believers.
Survey specialists Jane Armstrong Research Associates
analyzed responses to an Observer poll
and discovered that Observer readers
fall into four distinct groups:
Mainliners, Intuitives, Traditionalists and Non-conformists.



A Taste of Tolerance

Preacher Jaroslav Mitac and his family arrived in Canada from the Czech Republic in 2009. Since gaining refugee status, he has led the 300-member Gypsy Church of Hamilton. 





Planting a Better Future

Detroit’s urban agriculture movement shows that communities everywhere
can reap new life when people refuse to surrender. 


Love of Water

Last century, water use grew at twice the rate of the world's population.
Today, many countries suffer water scarcity and stress,
while others — like Canada — are not as 'water rich' as you may think.