The United Church of Canada generally follows a Lectionary or Cycle of Bible readings known as The Revised Common Lectionary.

This is a 3-year cycle of readings, which can be found in the index for Hymn Use beginning on page 998 of Voices United.

Year A is based on readings in the Gospel of Matthew. Year B is based on readings in the Gospel of Mark. Year C is based on readings in the Gospel of Luke. Readings in the Gospel of John are interspersed throughout the 3 years.

Old Testament readings are predicated on the Gospel reading for the week. The Psalm is inrended to be read as a response to the Old Testament reading. The Epistle readings are chosen to be read "in course," so that one week's reading oft follows after the reading of the week before.

The Revised Common Lectionary is a tool that serves to support community among differing denominations as it serves to enable the same texts to be read on the same Sundays in each church.

This Lectionary has been developed by an ecumenical committee known as The Consultation on Common Texts.

The Church Year begins with the 1st Sunday of Advent.