The United Church of Canada has a long tradition in overseas mission.
During the 1970's global justice and peace initiatives characterized overseas mission work.
Appeals for humanitarian relief efforts in Nigeria, India and East Pakistan
became the precursor of what is now World Devlopment and Relief.
Participation in global mission continues to be an important focus for the United Church.

United Church persons give close to $600,000.00 annually in support of WDR.
The amount the United Church actually budgets for WDR spending is close to four times this amount.
WDR money supports both long-term development work and short-term responses to humanitarian crises.

The United Church works within partnerships
with churches and agencies that have established strong community devlopment programs.
These focus on agriculture, community health, education, childcare, youth work, and HIV/AIDS prevention.
Many of these same partners have community-based networks
for distributing emergency supplies in times of crisis,
for example, famine in Southern Africa, drought relief in Mozambique,
or earthquake relief in India.

The United Church is committed to helping
not just with the immediate needs of crisis,
but also with long-term work as communities re-build and re-establish.

Opportunities are made available from time to time
for your participation.