Sweet Refrain

Sweet Refrain is “St. Paul’s Contemporary Christian Choir.”

The choir consists of several singers & musicians.
Although the membership is always changing, as we welcome new people& others move on,
our spirit remains the same, as we share in our love of music.

Sweet Refrain has put out two C.D.`s of original Christian music,
and our repertoire consists of contemporary, Christian, folk, & pop songs, with a positive, spiritual message.
While the choir often performs at St. Paul`s,
it is also committed to outreach by `taking the show on the road`as it were.
Singing during Sunday worship services, as guests at other churches, 
performing at community events, 
and sharing the love of Christ at retirement and nursing homes.

If you are interested in having Sweet Refrain join you at your service or event,
or would like to buy one of their CD`s, e-mail or call the church at 905-628-9363.

Bookings Fall 2012
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"Bring New Life" CD

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to hear Sweet Refrain sing 
"Lookin For My Savior"

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