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Two new charters in Hamilton!
Please endorse and/or comment on them: 

Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter
to address climate change. 

Food is First – A Food Charter for the City of Hamilton
to promote a healthy, equitable, sustainable food system in Hamilton.

The Green Group was constituted
to encourage right relations with Creation
within our church and without,
in all we do.

Greening our sacred place
is about realizing our connection
with the universe and its elements.
This means practicing spiritual and ecological values
in our everyday lives.

We can begin by changing the way we shop,
reducing our energy use,
eliminating toxic chemicals,
and making conscious choices about the food we eat.

St. Paul's also participates with other local churches
under the group name
Eco-Churches of West Hamilton (EcoWHam)

Participating Churches
Knox Presbyterian, Dundas
St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church
St. Mark's United, Dundas
St. James Anglican Church, Dundas
St. Paul's United, Dundas
Westdale United Church, Hamilton

To practice and advance ecological sustainability in keeping with Christian principles of stewardship.

Representatives from each participating church have been meeting in Dundas since July 2009 to help each other to promote ecological activities in the pastoral charges/parishes, and to learn about environmentally sustainable practices that can be implemented in their homes, churches, and the wider community. 

Activities and Events
Annual Earth Hour services
Discussions and climate change town hall with Filomena Tassi
City of Hamilton speakers: recycling/hazardous waste,
water conservation/wastewater treatment
City of Hamilton Clean-up Days
Workshops by Environmental Defence: toxics in personal care
products, threats to the Great Lakes
Various climate change events
Co-sponsor events with KAIROS and Dundas in Transition
Promote Environment Hamilton,, Blue Dot events

For more information, please contact any of the churches listed.
Our main spokesperson is Wayne Poole, Knox Presbyterian.
E-mail: [email protected]

Download Flyer by Clicking Here

Green Group Policy
Resources and Supportive Organizations

The national church website
includes many links and worship/workshop resources addressing Earth stewardship.


A not-for-profit organization
to help Hamiltonians develop
the knowledge and skills they need
to protect the environment, and
to build a sustainable future
for Hamilton.


A project of Environment Hamilton:
to assist faith communities
to create more sustainable
and energy-efficient
places of worship
and to educate their members
about ecological issues.


An ecumenical partnership
working to promote human rights,
justice and peace,
viable human development,
and ecological justice.  

An international movement
to advocate for
reduced fossil fuel use
and promote awareness
of climate change.


An all-volunteer,
non-profit organization
in Dundas
focused on facing
the challenges of climate change
and dependence on fossil fuels
through inceasing local
resilience and self-sufficiency.


An international
Christian organization
which engages in
scientific research,
environmental education,
and community-based
conservation projects.


Supports water conservation,
eating local food,
and many other
environmental projects.