Love and the activities that give expression to Love
constitute one of the cornerstones of our Christian life.

Whether it is through volunteering, donating moneys or in-kind goods,
or providing a safe haven for those in need,
the Church remains a foundation of caring and compassionate service
in our neighborhood and town. 

All of us are Ministers of the Congregation,
not just those called apart for commissioned and ordained leadership. 
The important work of Christ is accomplished through all of us, working together.

Where do you feel drawn to fit in?
That is a prayerful question for you to consider.
What do you sense would be a fullfilling way for you
to share of your time, talent and treasure?

As you worship with us regularly,
and respond to various opportunities to participate,
you will come to know what your calling presently is.

No activity is of more importance than another. 
"There are those drawn to prayer, and those drawn to repair."
All are valued in God's sight.

Do share yourself with your Christian friends
in the humility of your commitment to walk with Jesus.