Our 'Sunday School' is called "Y.C.C." which stands for "Young Christian Community", and our children, in concert with policy of The United Church of Canada are welcome to participate at every level of church life, as with everyone else, in accordance with their gifts.

Children are welcome to partake in Holy Communion, even before they may understand its full meaning, because they are fully part of our church family. And our children are, thus, not excluded from our "Family Meal." God speaks not only 'to' children, but 'through' children.

Children are invited to attend the sanctuary service and then leave at an appointed time for the church school. However, children are not required to leave. Nevertheless, we encourage them to join the children's community whether visitors or members of our worship community.

No child need be anxious as to where to go; the Y.C.C. leaders make sure that all who come to the gathering find their way.

Our curriculum follows a planned rotation style. The same Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks. Each week, each learner rotates to a different station. The story remains the same, but the children encounter it in different ways. Repetition is an important part of remembering.
The more different ways a child can explore the story or concept, the more it is reinforced in their memories. This also helps keep interest high throughout the unit. The same lesson is taught, with age-level adjustments, for the length of the rotation. Rotational learning is active learning.
Cooking, drama, and crafts are a few of the ways we share the story.

We also rotate through theme workshops after the children's story. These workshops involve drama, art, cooking, and discussion (many varied approaches), that certainly capture the interest of our young people.

Youth in Grades 9-12 may also leave during service, if they wish, for the young adult group. They meet in our C.P.W.A. room, our youth room,
comfortably set up with couches and tables (a relaxed and easy going atmosphere).

We have Children's Program from 3 year olds to Grade 8.

All are Welcome whether Visitors or Members.

An Infant Nursery is provided for babies up to the age of 2 and is run by dedicated and experienced church volunteers. Parents have the option
of bringing their children out of the service anytime they wish for playtime, changing or feeding. Babies are always welcome to stay with their caregivers in the service.

Currently, the staffed nursery is offered for the 10:00 a.m. service, beginning at 9:45 a.m. Infant Nursery for Special Services is announced, when available.

We have Children's Program from toilet-trained toddlers to Grade 8.